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‘Big adventure’ available for readers

We are proud to announce that our director and author of the children's book, Parlsey's Great Adventure, is featured in the lowellsun newspaper! Please click the link to read more about it. Thank you.

Please click this link to read more about it. An excerpt from the story is provided below.

"LOWELL — Gordon Halm has told the story of his family’s pet chickens, Parsley and Peep, countless times. When reflecting on the beginnings of the African Community Center of Lowell, it’s a story he has to tell.

On Nov. 2, the ACCL celebrated its third anniversary during a spirited ceremony at Eliot Presbyterian Church in the city’s Back Central neighborhood. During the event, Halm’s story was officially unveiled to the public in the the form of a children’s book, titled “Parsley’s Big Adventure.

”“It’s very inspirational, very cross-cultural and very powerful,” said Halm, the executive director and founder of the ACCL.From the moment people entered the church for the anniversary event, the space was alive with music, including a thriving performance by the African Choir of the Eliot Church. Attendees were also treated to a buffet of African cuisine."

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