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Dr. samuel beh

Board Chair (2016 - present)

With the closure of the African Assistance Center, the newly established African Community Center fills an important need for African refugees and immigrants in the Greater Lowell Area. The Center was established with the aim of promoting the educational, social, and cultural aspirations of its target population. My desire to serve on the board of the Center comes out of the conviction that my background and many years of experience as a public school educator can be useful in assisting the center in realizing its educational objectives. Developing partnerships between the home and school is crucial for academic success and as a result, I will encourage and support programs that foster parental involvement in the schools and education of their children. Additionally, I will work with the Center’s Executive Director and others in equipping our newly arrived parents with the skills that will help them better understand how to navigate the public school system.

Dr. Samuel Nyeon Beh, Sr. is originally from Liberia. He came to the United States in 1987 to pursue graduate studies at Boston University School of Education. He holds a master degree (M.Ed.) in Social Studies education and a doctorate (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership: Policy, Planning and Administration, both from Boston University School of Education. In response to a plea for assistance from the administration of the University of Liberia, his alma mater, to rebuild the institution following Liberia's brutal civil war of the 1990's that destroyed the physical facilities of the University, Dr. Beh in 2008, co-founded the Massachusetts Alliance for the Restoration of the University of Liberia (MARUL), Inc. and served as president for two consecutive terms. MARUL, Inc. provides scholarships to undergraduate students at the University of Liberia. Dr. Beh is a member of the advisory board of the Trustees of Donations for Education in Liberia (TDEL), a Massachusetts charitable educational corporation incorporated in 1850 for the promotion and support of higher education in Liberia. 

Currently, he teaches social studies at Lexington High School (AP Human Geography and World History) and has been a Lexington educator since 2002.

Shannon Butler-Mokoro

Treasurer & Vice Chair (2019- present)

Shannon Butler-Mokoro, MSW, Ph.D. is currently the Special Assistant to the Dean in the School of Education and Social Policy. She has worked in higher education for over 20 years as a student affairs professional and social work educator. Her areas of research and interest include helping to build culturally humble and proficient organizations, social welfare history, the history of higher education, faith-based social work. She is a social work educator and conducts workshops and trainings for various schools and nonprofits around the issues of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion.

Elizabeth wando

Secretary (2016- present)

Born in Kenya, Elizabeth started her music / art career in the 80’s during her primary school days and through high school and college in Nairobi / Kenya. She was an active member of her school and church choirs. She also chaired both drama and journalism clubs throughout her high school and was often featured at the famous “Kenya national theatre” with her poetry.

A graduate of business studies, Elizabeth is multilingual and has excellent communication and administrative skills. She has served in leadership positions and volunteered in various faith based organizations in the worship, women and children’s ministries respectively. 

george asamoah

Safety Officer (2016 - present)

The foundation that is given to the new comers is what will help them to become resources for the future of our community.

Fundi Bisoka

Board Member (2019 - present)

Mr. Fundi Bisoka is originally come from Democratic Republic of Congo. He came to the United States of America with his family as a refugee through the International Institute of New England, Lowell in 2015.  He taught as a teacher in Burundi for seven years then became a school inspector at a refugee camp called “Camp Nyarujusu” in Tanzania for 17 years before his arrival to the City of Lowell. He currently lives in Lowell with his family and he is a well-respected elder in the Congolese Community of Massachusetts.

Tobie Amani

Board Member (2020 - present)

Mr. Tobie Amani is originally from Nigeria, West Africa. He is an Investment analyst for Brooking Aives Group, a company that seeks to promote small businesses and individual entrepreneurs both locally and internationally; with special focus on emerging economies like several African countries and beyond. Growing up in Africa came with its many challenges, but he has always been inspired by the drive and fortitude of well-meaning people who strive daily for the benefit of others and the community at large. This has always been his desire, that one day he would be able to serve his immediate community and beyond, as he has come to believe there is no greater calling. Tobie has worked in various positions in community-based organizations which has afforded him the privilege of learning and growing with the added benefit of being inspired by the amazing people he has met every step of the way. Since moving to the city of Lowell, he has continued on this path of service and community involvement. Being part of the ACCL has been a tremendous experience for him. It has helped him foster a continued longing for service and collective collaboration with all the amazing people he has been connected with through the organization, while striving to be that bridge between peoples of African origin and the city of Lowell. The city has provided that enabling environment and spirit for all peoples from everywhere to thrive and this has been very essential in building partnerships and guaranteeing success at all levels. He currently serves as a board member of the ACCL. He is humbled by this privilege as he continues to serve the organization and the city of Lowell at large.

George Joseph

Board Member (2020 - present)

George Joseph is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has a PhD in Accounting from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a Chartered Accountant from India.

Susanne Curry

Board Member (2020 - present)

Susanne Curry lives in Chelmsford with her husband and 18 year old daughter.  She graduated from Clark University with a B.A. in Government/International Relations. She currently works as an office manager and administrative assistant at PointRight, which is a healthcare data analytics company in Cambridge. Previously she worked at The International Institute of New England in the Boston, Lowell, and Manchester Offices. For four years she was a case manager with refugees in NH, assisting them with all aspects of resettlement. Susanne loves theater, music, and dance and is working on The Lowell Dance Project to establish a dance collaborative here. She is a member of Congregation Shalom in Chelmsford and sings with them in a band called Shpiel..She is excited to work with The African Community Center of Lowell as a member of the Board. She hopes to bring her enthusiasm, administrative skills, and experience working with diverse groups to further the mission of the Center.



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