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Volunteers & Interns

Our volunteers come from various walks of life to give of their time and talents to assist the center as needed. We depend on them to help us accomplish our day-to-day and long-term objectives. We express our gratitude to each one of them, whether they are ad hoc volunteers or continuing volunteers.

Our interns are school or college students who work with ACCL for course credit or practical work experience related to their field of study or interest. 

Lori Hoffman

Administrative volunteer

Lori Hoffman taught English and tutored students in study skills at Lexington Christian Academy for seven years. She was a graphic designer and copy editor for Community Newspaper Company (Gatehouse Media) for 16 years.

She is currently employed part-time as treasurer and office administrator for Eliot Presbyterian Church in Lowell, where her work also supports the Eliot Church Day Center for people experiencing homelessness.

Lori is a long-time member of Eliot Church and serves on the board of elders there. She is pleased to support the ACCL with administrative tasks and helping people prepare for their citizenship interviews.

Rhoda Kaddu


I was born in Uganda. I was introduced to the African Community Center of Lowell through the internship program at my school. I always want to give back to my community. The ACCL has given me the opportunity to help my community and create an impact. I want to continue to use the nonprofit world to combat the injustices around me.

Maenda Malango

Summer School Volunteer

Born in Congo but raised in Malawi, a Lowell resident, case manager at community action, one of the most recognized state agencies and an interpreter for Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kibembe, Lingala, and Chichewa at the International Institute of New England. My role is to insure that families and individuals facing economic, nutritional, or livelihood risk are provided with necessary community resources to help stabilize their lives. Bring them closer to their communities and make sure they understand what their cities and states have to offer for asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees. As an enthusiastic and motivated community advocate, I’m passionate about empowering and encouraging diaspora community seeking asylum in the United States of America to always believe that the US is a free land and everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Regina Miles


Affectionately known as Adjoa, I am excited to be a part of ACCL’s counsel board of thought leaders,  planners, and community advisors. My volunteer services with ACCL will be to  provide resume reviewing, as well as light interview coaching.

A little about me

Originally from the warm coastal beaches of North  Carolina, I recently moved to Massachusetts to pursue a career in Revenue   Cycle Management Consulting. My background in this specialized field has spanned   15+ years. Although this work is very challenging, it brings out my best   process improvement and problem-solving professional skills. I also have the joy   of working with many different people and building new relationships. My   compassionate side really values helping wonderful people.

A few of my personal interests are reading,  listening to music, salsa and bachata dancing, fine dining (I am a total   foodie), and spending time with family and friends. In my down time, I enjoy spending moments outdoors   in the sun, taking long walks and enjoying the sounds of nature. Also, I love international travel and I  travel at least once a year.

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