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UMass Lowell recently hosted a group of scholars from around the globe through their signature global exchange program. Among those attending were scholars from the University of Nairobi. True to it’s welcoming tradition, the ACCL opened its doors to welcome the Kenyan scholars for an evening chat. In attendance were the executive director of ACCL, Mr. Gordon Halm, two UMass Lowell professors-Dr. Joselyne Chenane Nkogo and Dr.Robai Werunga and six scholars from the university of Nairobi. The scholars recounted their experiences at the university and how grateful they were for the opportunity to be part of the global exchange program. Upon arrival to the center the team was challenged with a board game highlighting famous African leaders. Ms. Beverly Kaluli outperformed her peers on the game! Mr. Gordon also spoke about the role of the center in the African Community as well as the city of Lowell at large. There was also a round table discussion on how we can continue to improve our communities. The scholars had an opportunity to ask questions, but all of them were eager to know how they can be involved. They all noted that they had seen a good thing and thought it was worth supporting and emulating when they return to their native home-Kenya. At the end of the night, the scholars were so thankful for the opportunity to visit the center. To quote one of the members “visiting the center has been the highlight of our trip to the USA.” Overall, it was a night well spent. A donation of $87.00 was given to the center to appreciate the ACCL for the great initiative. Thank you ACCL for being a beacon of hope for our community.

Thank you.

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