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It's Our Birthday! And we just have one wish...

Will you help us write a children's book? We are looking for donations to publish a children's book to inspire children and communities. Check out the link below for all the information about the book. Please consider daunting, anything helps!

We invite you to join us in supporting this important project for the children and Greater Lowell Massachusetts community, and, we hope, children around the world. We are writing a children’s book that will benefit Lowell’s African Community Center (ACC), whose mission is “to promote responsible citizenship by improving the quality of life and supporting the achievement of African immigrants, refugees, and other minorities and economically disadvantaged persons in Lowell through educational, social, and cultural initiatives”.

This uplifting and heartwarming book for young readers follows the adventures of Parsley, a pet chicken, her friends Peep and Yami, and the family that loves them. Snatched by Mr. Hawk, a much stronger adversary, how can Parsley possibly escape, and if she does, how can she ever find her way back home? Can her friends help?

Incredibly, ‘Parsley’s Big Adventure’ is based on a true story and offers messages of courage, determination, empathy, and the importance of family and friends. In a time where important and healthy messages are often lacking, ‘Parsley’s Big Adventure’ provides inspirational themes that encourage discussion among young readers, their families, and teachers.

The Lowell community has come together in supporting this project. Local professionals have donated their time to write two versions of the book for younger and older primary school students. A talented illustrator has donated her artistic skills to bring the story to life in pictures appealing to young readers. Lowell school teachers and local volunteers have reviewed drafts and provided data to help in estimating demand. A local publishing company is helping with the book production. This is truly a Lowell community project.

We believe that this story has universal appeal extending beyond the local community and across national, cultural, and religious boundaries. We hope that this book will, over time, be widely published and read by children, parents, and teachers around the world.

Your donations, no matter how small, are sincerely appreciated and will help raise funds for the final stage of publication. Thank you!

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