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Reflection of Noy Thrupkaew's Visit

We had a great time last Friday 4-14-17 at the Center with the visiting guest speaker

Noy Thrupkaew, among other visitors.

The meeting begun with a movie " A Good Lie"a movie featuring peace activist and founder of the enough project, John Pendergast. This is the story of the "Lost boys" (immigrant boys now grown up men from Sudan), and their struggles running away from their war torn country for several years ending up in Kakuma camp - Kenya, and eventually being relocated to USA.

This was followed by the opening line and unveiling of the center's podium by our CEO Mr. Gordon Halm who later invited the Guest speaker on the podium. The meeting was well attended and our office space was filled to capacity. The guest speaker Noy, gave a very informative speech on her work and experiences on immigrants, human trafficking and labor exploitation. Attendees had an opportunity to