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Reflections on the Celebration of Life for Kofi Annan

ACCL Statement:

On April 15th, 2018, the ACCL welcomed Nobel Peace Prize 2011 laureate, Tawakko Karman from Yeman . During her visit, two students from the Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsborough chose to present their leadership assignment given to them by the ACCL on Kofi Annan and other world leaders. Few attempts were even made by the students who did the presentation to contact the Kofi Annan Foundation in Geneva to possibly skype and ask Mr. Annan a few questions. For me and as with many of you, his death came as a huge shock. My hope is that, we all must learn a lesson from his courage and leadership and do our best to empower this world. It also reminds us all that we must take every single day as a blessing and live life to the fullest.

Gordon Halm

ACCL Founder and Executive Director


Son of Africa, Leader of the World

Written by Rachael Otoo Volunteer at ACCL