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ACCL Receives MLK Service Award

On January 30, 2018 Gordon Halm received the "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Service Award from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

The Martin Luther King Jr. 2018 award dinner event took place on Tuesday January 30th 2018 at the prestigious building housing the Moloney hall at University Crossing in Lowell.

The theme for this year 2018 is Dignity, Worth, Excellence: What's your blue print.

The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 5.30 pm but guests started streaming in and were waiting outside the hall much earlier, and doors opened at exactly 5.00 pm.

Our CEO - Gordon Halm, Board secretary - Elizabeth Wando and safety Officer George Asamoah represented the ACCL board members. The ACCL had two tables reserved and both were filled to capacity, bringing together a diverse group of people - friends of the African community Center of Lowell. Among friends of ACCL at the table were CEO of Lowell Community health center and staff, Deputy of Lowell Police and members of police department and staff, representative from Middlesex Community College, and students representative from Community Team work.CTI representative from Eliot Church and Lori Trahan a candidate of US congressional seat as well as professor Urmi Dutta who took the lead to nominate the center for this distinguished award.

Guests were treated to a short film; "WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S BLUE PRINT?" a speech by the late Dr Martin Luther King Jr, made to a group of students at Baratt Junior High school in Philadelphia on October 26 1967, six months before his assassination.

Guests were welcomed by the chancellor of Umass Lowell - Jaqueline Moloney. This was followed by a Sumptuous dinner as guests socialized.

The impressive speech by the key note speaker Franklyn Webb who happens to be a Umass Alumni received a standing ovation from the entire house.

Then came the eagerly awaited time for presentation of awards, Beginning with the school children who participated in the beautiful art work that decorated the Moloney hall. This was followed by an award to a member of faculty, member of staff, a student, and finally the distinguished service award was presented to our CEO on behalf of the ACCL. It was epic!

The ceremony concluded with a performance by the UML Gospel choir, followed by photo sessions by award recipients and guests.

Click here to see photos from the event, courtesy of UMASS Lowell.

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