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OUR programs

The African Community Center of Lowell has developed programs based on the core values of the organization. The goal is to educate our new refugee and immigrant population as well as our community about the unique strength and talents each person has to offer to our community. We hope to get all citizens of Lowell involved in the programs at the Center through various events such as documentaries on topics like innovations, peace advocates, race relations, and community building. We will be hosting various speakers throughout the year, and we also hope to connect with the public school system to encourage students of all ages to visit the center to learn about African Heritage. The Center also will work to promote Cultural Connections and Traditional Nights, where African music, costumes, food, and more will be celebrated.

For more information about any of our programs, please contact Gordon Halm.

Community Mediation Awareness Day

The ACCL will act as an advocate by assisting new refugee families and immigrants through workshops on mediation and promoting intersectionality among cultures.

Community Involvement

Encourages new refugees and immigrants to stay involved with projects, volunteerism, and events of their community. 

Also provides new refugees with resources through an orientation of the city of Lowell. 

Educational Growth

The ACCL will assist new families adjust to the US education by means of tutoring students and introducing parents and guardians to the US educational system by workshops and discussions.

Tutoring is available as needed, as well as assistance with college applications. Please contact us for more information.

Cultural Heritage

Promotes cultural connections by introducing customs and traditions while also preparing immigrants and refugees for culture shock.

Community Voices Speaker Series

This new speaker series sponsored by the ACCL will bring leaders in our community together to discuss issues in order to help us build a healthy community. There will be a presentation every other month open to the community. 

See our blog for information about past speakers!

Refugee and Immigrant Support Coalition

There is a plethora of local organizations and agencies that meet once a month in order to foster a welcoming environment for refugees and immigrants and support their successful integration into the community of Lowell. This is done through the sharing of information, collaborating and advocating to increase access and coordinate services to address gaps and needs. Anyone is welcome to participate and to join. You do not need to attend meetings to be involved. There are several committees in which you can be a part of as well; the committees are listed below: Needs Assessment Committee, Resource Mapping Committee, Advocacy Committee, Outreach Committee, Education Committee

Contact Mary Tauras at Lowell Alliance if you would like to be added to the coalition mailing list. 978-454-5405 ext. 132

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