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End of the Year Reflection by Gordon Halm

Dear friends of ACCL,

Just about a year ago, the African Community Center of Lowell was founded through the help of Community Team Inc., Parker Foundation, and individuals like you. Our mission is to promote responsible citizenship by improving the quality of life and supporting the achievement of African immigrants and refugees, regardless of where they come from, through educational, social and cultural initiatives, with the sole purpose of contributing to the larger community and the country as a whole. We have the privilege to be hosted in the office space at the heart of downtown Lowell with a beautiful view of Merrimack St and I encourage you to stop by and visit when you can.

During our first year we were able to execute mediation tutoring in various subjects, a summer school program, a walkathon, a series of guest speakers, and an umbrella program the Refugee and Immigrant Support Coalition. Our first year culminated in a wonderful First Year Anniversary celebration. Moving forward in our second year, we are looking to bolster our yearly timely with new programs and special events. We have attached the 2018 Timeline for your convenience.

To our board members, funders, interns, sponsors, volunteers partners and friends of ACCL, I say a big thank you without your help the Center could not come this far. As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome the new year, I pray for good health and happiness to you and your family and God bless your work, business, school and all your undertakings.

Indeed, there are challenges ahead but since a baby is not born to just walk right away, I am optimistic together we are building a stronger foundation for our children to build upon this.

Please do visit us on Facebook at African Community Center of Lowell and visit our website

We are extremely grateful for your continued support.

All the best,

Gordon Halm Executive Director

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