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Community Voices Reflection from Noy

It was an honor to serve as the first speaker for the African Community Center of Lowell's Community Voices program. I've never experienced such boundless and warm hospitality, and such interested and engaged questions and conversation afterward! But even more than that,

I was so moved and inspired by the community work I was able to witness. A multi-generational and multi-national group, learning together, speaking openly and honestly of difficulties and challenges, and supporting each other through them. The center has so many programs -- after-school tutoring, refugee assistance and community integration, mediation, and is also dedicated to sharing the rich cultures and knowledge of African community members with the res

t of Lowell. Gordon is a true community member and leader -- so warm, enthusiastic, thoughtful, and tireless in his dedication. It's a gift to know him, and to see all the African Community Center of Lowell has been able to accomplish already.

Best of luck with the upcoming meeting, Gordon, and please let me know how it went!


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